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About the Artist 

DeAundre’ Woods is the epitome of determination, curiosity, luck, and unrelenting faith. Born and raised in Schriever, Louisiana, Dre’ began his journey as an athlete where he first realized the power of performance. During the pursuit of chasing his dream to become a professional baseball player, Woods discovered his love for music. 


Brought up from the deep roots of religion in Southern Louisiana, Dre’ spent most of his childhood singing in the church choir. Within the walls of his church, Woods became fascinated with the idea of bringing joy through song. His introduction to music originally stemmed from his obsession with beating on pots & pans in his mother’s kitchen, however, every mother has her limits. With this understanding, Dre’s mom decided it would be a good idea to join the school band, most likely for her own well-being. Dre’ played drums as a young student until he made the switch to the school choir during his junior year of high school. This action sparked a sequence of events that led him to perform on local stages in his hometown where he gained a new passion; performing for a live paying audience. Up until this point, Dre’ had never considered a career in music, but after being exposed to professional performers, he was able to gain the stage experience, as well as the confidence to apply for a music degree at his dream college, Louisiana State University. He we would go on to study classical music at LSU earning a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance in 2017.


After graduating, Dre’ once again put his faith to the test & began auditioning for bigger stages. Dre’ booked his first Broadway National Tour, and made his debut in Motown: The Musical. He performed in the ensemble and understudied the lead roles of Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson. Coined “Hamil-Town” at one point, (many Motown performers were joining the world-renowned, hit Broadway musical Hamilton: an American Musical). Dre’ had his eyes set on making the same transition as his castmates. After completing the ten month North American tour of Motown, Woods was ecstatic to join the ‘And Peggy’ company of Hamilton as a Standby (Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, Laurens/Phillip, Mulligan/Madison). He also had the opportunity to perform with the ‘And Peggy’ company in Puerto Rico with Lin-Manuel Miranda (see photo above)! 


Dre' is currently performing with the ‘And Peggy’ company where he now holds the lead role as Alexander Hamilton. In addition to performing, Dre’ has a passion for teaching, traveling, and songwriting. He lives with great joy, energy, and enthusiasm as if there is no tomorrow, and hopes to be an inspiration to other artists and the human race. If you’d like to know more about the artist, please fill out the contact form on the last page of the website. Look forward to hearing from you in the future and thanks for visiting! 

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